Trending Spoken English Courses

Basic Level SE

Basic SE Course

You will learn making sentence structure, vocab, reading, writing and listening.

Intermediate level SE

Intermediate SE Course

You will learn developing language proficiency for effective communication in professional settings.

Advanced SE Course

Advanced SE Course

You will learn advanced vocabulary and idioms, pronunciation and articulation, critical thinking, public speaking.

Spoken English Course for kids

Spoken English for Kids

You will learn basic sentence structures, and interactive activities such as storytelling, music, crafts, pretend play.

SE for Job Seekers

SE Course for Job hunt

Skills such as resume writing and interview preparation to advanced communication.

courses fashion model

SE for Fashion Aspirants

You will learn building vocabulary related to fashion, developing modeling skills such as walking the runway and posing.

SE for IT Professionals

SE for IT Professionals

Developing language proficiency for effective communication in professional settings, including networking.

SE for Air Hostess

SE for Air Hostesses

From introductory topics to more specific skills required for effective communication and passenger handling.

SE for MR-Sales people

SE for MRs/Sales Prof.

From sales techniques and vocabulary to specialized topics in the medical field, including pharmaceutical sales and effective communication with Doctors.

SE for BPO Professionals

SE for BPO Professionals

From industry-specific terminology and customer interaction skills to more advanced communication techniques and problem-solving strategies.

SE for Housewives

SE for Housewives

From basic conversational skills and vocabulary building to more specific areas such as shopping, health, time management, and cultural events.

10 pm SE

SE for College Students

Dedicated to academic writing, research, media literacy, intercultural communication, and critical analysis of current affairs.

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