IELTS 10 PM spoken English
WeekLesson NameTimeframe
Week 1Introduction to IELTS1 hour
Week 2Listening Skills Development1.5 hours
Week 3Reading Strategies and Techniques1.5 hours
Week 4Writing Task 1: Academic2 hours
Week 5Writing Task 2: Essay Writing2 hours
Week 6Speaking: Fluency and Pronunciation1.5 hours
Week 7Speaking: Vocabulary and Grammar1.5 hours
Week 8Practice Tests and Mock Exams2 hours
Week 9Review and Feedback1 hour
Week 10Exam Strategies and Time Management1.5 hours
Week 11Speaking Mock Interviews1.5 hours
Week 12Final Exam Preparation2 hours

IELTS Preparatory Course

Incorporating authentic IELTS practice materials, providing personalized feedback, and conducting regular mock tests will help students track their progress and boost their confidence for the exam.

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