More than just Spoken English Skills...

  • Now a days speaking in English is not a very big deal in India.  Honestly speaking good communications skills alone is not going to help you in either in your career or business.  We are living in the era of AI revolution and everyday there are better AI tools to help you communicate better.

10pm Spoken English has gone one step ahead and we have meticulously crafted and identified areas which can help you not only become a better, confident and fluent communicator in English but it will help you become a thought leader.   Please note :

  • Effective communication is crucial for your personal branding and business.
  • Effective communication is key to success on camera.
  • Overcoming fear of speaking on camera can lead to significant brand growth.
  • Visibility through powerful speaking can propel your brand and business.
  • Effective speaking relies on inner confidence and the ability to deliver a clear and power message. 
  • The power of utilizing the rule of Three is most important in speaking engagements.


Unlock the Power of AI in Spoken English

Michael Raphael
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