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What Our Students Have to Say

As a non-native English speaker, I struggled with my communication skills for years. But ever since I joined 10pmspokenenglish.com my confidence has skyrocketed.
Ramesh Kumar
From Delhi, India
Thanks to their guidance and engaging lessons, I feel more confident and fluent in English than ever before. If you're looking for a top-notch spoken English course, 10 PM Spoken English is the way to go."
Zeenat Parween
From Bhopal, M.P.
"I am extremely grateful to 10 PM Spoken English for their exceptional online classes. The course structure is well-designed, covering all the essential areas of spoken English. The teachers are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about teaching.
Arun Mandal
From Asaam
"I enrolled in the online spoken English course at 10 PM Spoken English, and it has been a phenomenal experience. The teachers are dedicated, patient, and highly skilled at what they do.
Bahadur Thapa
From Nepal

Popular and in-demand Spoken English Courses

Basic SE Course

The topics progress gradually from basic introductions and greetings to more specific conversational situations.

Intermediate SE Course

From reviewing basic grammar and vocabulary to more complex conversational  and functional language.

Adv/IELTS SE Course

Strategies, practice activities, and timed mock tests to familiarize students with the test format and develop their skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

SE Course for Kids

Each lesson incorporates age-appropriate content and engaging learning methods to make the classes interactive and enjoyable for the children.

SE Course for Job Seekers

The lessons focus on  advanced vocabulary and idioms, pronunciation, critical thinking, public speaking,  networking, and interview skills.

The lessons are meticulously designed to cater specifically to the unique requirements of individuals aspiring to make a mark in the fashion industry.

More Spoken English Courses

SE Course for IT People

Dedicated to interview skills, customer service, cross-cultural communication, and public speaking,

SE Course for Air Hostess

The Course focuses on reviewing and applying the learned skills through mock scenarios and simulations, leading to  learners’ readiness for the profession.

SE Course for Medical Rep

Real-life case studies, industry-specific examples, and interactive discussions will further engage the learners and enhance their ability to communicate effectively in their professional roles.

SE Course for BPO People

Practical  through mock call scenarios and simulations, as well as comprehensive review to prepare the learners for their roles in the Call Centre industry.

SE Course for Housewives

Covered areas such as shopping, health, time management, and cultural events. Role plays and interactive activities are included to provide hands-on practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our spoken English courses are 3 months long.

We offer courses for different proficiency levels, including basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Our courses are designed to focus on key language skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Each level covers specific topics, vocabulary, and grammar structures to help you develop fluency and accuracy in English.

Our classes are conducted live, allowing for real-time interaction with the instructor and other students.

We recommend dedicating around 2-3 hours per week for the course, including attending live classes and completing assignments or practice exercises.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language. They hold relevant certifications and have extensive experience in working with students from diverse backgrounds.

Our courses are open to learners of all age groups. However, we recommend a minimum age of 16 years to ensure optimal learning and engagement.

We have flexible enrollment options, allowing you to join the course at any time based on availability. Please contact us for more details.

To attend our online classes, you will need a stable internet connection, a computer/laptop or a mobile device, and access to video conferencing software such as Zoom or Google Meet.

Our classes are highly interactive, involving discussions, role-plays, group activities, and individual practice exercises to enhance your speaking and communication skills.

We provide guidance and support to our students even after completing the course, including job placement assistance, interview preparation, and resume building.

We offer multiple payment options, including monthly fees and one-time fees for the entire 3-month duration. You can choose the option that suits your convenience.

The monthly fee allows you to pay on a monthly basis for the duration of the course, while the one-time fee provides a discounted rate for paying the full course fee upfront.

Yes, we provide supplementary materials and resources such as study materials, audio/video resources, and online learning platforms to support your learning journey.

We have a refund policy in place. If you are not satisfied with the course within a specified timeframe, please contact our support team to discuss the details.

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