Advance Level Spoken English Course

WeekLesson NameTime Frame
Week 1Introduction and Course Overview1 hour
Week 2Pronunciation and Accent Training2 hours
Week 3Vocabulary Expansion2 hours
Week 4Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure2 hours
Week 5Idiomatic Expressions and Phrases2 hours
Week 6Conversational Techniques2 hours
Week 7Listening and Comprehension2 hours
Week 8Role-Playing and Real-Life Scenarios2 hours
Week 9Advanced Grammar and Syntax2 hours
Week 10Cultural Insights and Etiquette2 hours
Week 11Group Discussions and Debates2 hours
Week 12Final Presentations and Review2 hours

Advance Level SE Course

Throughout the course, there will be ongoing error correction, feedback sessions, and supplementary resource materials provided to enhance your learning experience. Additionally, you will have access to practice exercises and opportunities for personalized guidance from our experienced instructors.

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